Company’s goal:

  • The company’s goal is to set a cement plant with capacity of 1.4 million tons per year to be the basis of an area of heavy industries in central Sinai and anew residential community. Sinai cement has succeeded in raising actual capacity of the plant to import performance to 1.9 million tons per year and then added the second line of production to have a total annual capacity of 3.8 million tons by the end of 2008.


    Sinai cement co. has been established as an outcome of a promising plan to develop the middle of Sinai. The main idea was dedicated to set up integrated industries capable of performing a comprehensive evolution and huge population through creating suitable job opportunities to achieve a noble life in the region.
    This geographical region in the middle of Sinai at Lebni Mountain is endowed with continuous layers of excellent raw materials of limestone, clay and sand. These premium materials represent the main elements of cement industry of high quality to meet the requirements of the market at reasonable prices.
    Therefore and in order to cope up with the latest technology of the 21st century in the field of cement industry. An agreement has been reached with F. L. Smidth , a leading Danish company that constructed production lines of Sinai cement plant in accordance with latest technology that maintains a healthy environment it is not harmful to human beings, animals or plants since the by-pass dust does not exceed 50mg.
    It is noteworthy that over 60% of the components have been manufactured in ARESCO’s workshops according to the engineering and technical specifications of F. L. Smidth the fact FLS experts received and signed the warrantee certificate in favor of SCC represents a new strategic value to Sinai cement plant as well as an added value that facilitates the opportunity of transferring the technology of manufacturing the investment equipment in Egypt.
    Accordingly, most of the plants that have been constructed after Sinai cement plant were keen to follow the same technology. Moreover, SCC succeeded to increase the rate of local manufacturing in the second line to over 70% including body of the kiln and cement mill.
    Integrating the factors of SCC success, the modern and most developed systems of cement industry management have been designed to the Arab Swiss Engineering Co. (ASEC),the sole Egyptian expertise in the field of cement industry
    Sinai cement plants is characterized by using the vertical raw materials mill as the first in Egypt, and thus achieving maximum productivity and optimum saving of fuel consumption. In addition, the latest technology of bag house has been used in segregation the dust.

    Strategic Investor:

    On 27 March 2003 and within the framework of the international trend to establish powerful economic structures, SCC succeeded to add a new strategic investor Vicat Group, to its magnificent achievements. The investor Vicat Group believed in the pioneer thought led by Dr. Hassan Rateb within the promising plan to develop this virgin land in northern Sinai. That statement was declared by president of Vicat Group Mr. Jacque Merceron-Vicat during his meeting with HE Prime minister.
    It is noteworthy that Vicat Group is one of the most powerful companies in cement industry. Its experience in this strategic industry exceeds two centuries. It produces 20 million tons annually and owns 120 companies of cement-related industries. Vicat Group is established in 1817, which is recorded to be the invention date of artificial cement by Louis Vicat, the fifth grandfather of Jacque Merceron-Vicat president of Vicat Group

    Quality of Sinai cement:

    Sinai cement is characterized by its high premium quality that exceeds the European specifications EN-1-CEM I 52.5 N. Moreover, the EC-Certificate of conformity is also obtained. SCC, thus, is enabled to export its products to the joint European countries. The above certificate is controlled and maintained by the German establishment MPA.
    Based on the above, production surplus is exported to all markets.
    All factors of success and excellence have been hosted altogether in Sinai cement project. Excellent quality, modern technology and the most experienced technical management have been all made available so that the product will come out in accordance with the optimum international quality specifications. Sinai cement is produced to meet the requirements of the markets in both quality and price within a healthy environment.